North Shore Consumer Credit Association, Inc.:

Dear North Shore Consumer Credit Association Member,

As you are aware, the North Shore Consumer Credit Association (NSCCA) has been a fixture in the credit community, this year would have marked it’s Fiftieth Year.   Our mission has been to provide an organization that offers businesses and professionals a resource to stay updated and educated on trends, subjects, and all relevant matters, allowing each of us to provide our customers with the best experience available.

The organization has also held many fundraising efforts through our dinners, golf tournaments, and various other activities, allowing us to provide, literally, hundreds of scholarships to college students from families within our industry and geographical area. We are very proud of this effort.

Given the success and extensive history of our organization, it is with much difficulty that we must inform you that the 2018-2019 membership year is the final year of the North Shore Consumer Credit Association.

A number of factors have contributed to the Board of Directors making the tough decision to dissolve. Among them are bank mergers which have consolidated organizations, which in turn reduce membership. The internet has provided a resource for many subjects, replacing live training and information that had been primarily available through organizations like ours. Additionally, the cost to hold meetings has escalated, and the effort to offer reasonably priced events has become much more challenging.

Although this is a disheartening decision, we hope that you, like us, will choose to celebrate the networks that the organization fostered and the students we assisted during our tenure.

There are countless people to thank for their contributions and efforts over the years. However, a special thanks goes out to the Presidents, Board of Directors, and Members, whose combined efforts gave us the ability to achieve our mission.

A heartfelt thanks to the Organizations that were instrumental in our success by contributing the memberships and supporting our tournaments over the years. We have always recognized you at our events and on our website. Our website will remain available to you until October 31, 2019.

Any remaining NSCCA funds will be donated to a local scholarship fund that benefits deserving students who are sponsored by bankers.

On behalf of the NSCCA Board of Directors, allow me to thank you for what has been a wonderful and rewarding experience. We wish you all continued success.

Warmest regards,

Pamela Anzuoni, NSCCA President                                                                      Susan Dunbar, NSCCA Vice President & Treasurer

Erika Salvaggio, NSCCA Secretary                                                                       Louis Chinappi, NSCCA Past President, Board of Director

Kimberly Downing, NSCCA Past President, Board of Director                              Gregg Murray, NSCCA Board of Director

Robin Lermond, NSCCA Board of Director                                                             Linda Wiggin, NSCCA Board of Director

Rosemary Frost, NSCCA Board of Director                                                            James Burke, NSCCA Board of Directors

James Metcalf, NSCCA Board of Director